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    Welcome to AMPKUYOOOT, an icon and graphics community. It was created and is run by Gwew, and its sole posters are Gwew, Ly, and Jen.

    You'll definitely be seeing icons here, and maybe even the occasional wallpaper or blend. The fandoms we'll be posting most of are Lost, Alias, and [because of Jen] Orlando Bloom movies, but we do a lot of other films and television shows depending on what we see or what inspires us. There'll also be lots of actor/actress icons here.

    When you take our icons, it'd be awesome if you'd comment. Tell us how we're doing. It helps us find out which ones are popular and which styles are preferred. Constructive criticism? Excellent. We're not the best iconmakers in the world, so if you've insight/tips, that'd be awesome. Tell us which ones you're taking specifically - not just "grabbing a bunch." We number them for a reason =). Also, if you do use them, credit would be nice as well. It helps to spread the word about our community/our work. And it's basically out of respect, too, y'know? Blanks aren't bases unless we say they are, so please don't customise [unless we say you can]. Lastly, if you're putting them up somewhere else for some reason, remember that hotlinking is evil and bad. Seriously. Not nice. Do it, and we'll make sure the LOST island monster makes you pay. =)

    All of Gwew's resources can be found HERE.

    All of Jen's resources can be found HERE.


angel_elf_icons by jenlynn820 disappearicons by immune
swept_off by hotoko

    If you're interested in becoming an affiliate, don't hesitate to drop us a line at one of our most recent entries. We'd love to get to know more of the awesome iconmakers around. =)

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